Astrology Compatibility: Leo-Gemini

Do Leo and Gemini Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Leo-Gemini

Leo and Gemini


Gemini will admire and love you with all his/her personalities if you are patient with him/her. Any Fire needs Air to burn, and this is more like a wind that stirs it up and maintains it. As a mutable sign, Gemini is more flexible (often too flexible - this is one of Gemini's greatest problems) than you are, Leo being a fixed sign i.e. determined and immutable.

If you understand Gemini's need to make new friends and spend time with them as it is, if you are not too jealous, you'll convince yourself that Gemini only sees the friendship part in the other relations. Regardless of whether or not Gemini's friends are of the same sex with him/her, Gemini pays the same attention to all of them.

So don't expect daily praise, because your Gemini gets bored very easily. Gemini is always busy, (s)he is always on the phone with someone, (s)he always has something to do. You, dear Leo, are stabile and passionate.

Communicative and generous, Gemini will always bring something new to your relationship, and his/her personality will fascinate you when it comes to love, but also to day-to-day life.

Governed by Mercury, Gemini falls in love with his/her mind first and only then with his/her heart. Gemini analyzes a relationship very much although sometimes it is very obvious, and (s)he thinks long and hard before deciding to stay by someone's side.

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