Astrology Compatibility: Leo-Capricorn

Do Leo and Capricorn Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Leo-Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn


Capricorn is very analytical and sensible, which will inhibit your exuberance, and Leo does not accept this. Next to a Capricorn, your brightness will fade away soon... Nor is your Capricorn as romantic and courteous as you are, but much more practical... so your trying to flirt or to pay court to him/her will be useless. The only chance is to find a Capricorn that has a lot of Water in his/her sun sign, with a more flexible ascendant, who is more willing to give in and see (and even wonder at) what is special about you. And say it, too! But most of the typical Capricorns will get angry in front of an extravagant, too refined Leo, or in front of his/her expenses (a little exaggerated, admit it!).

Sexually? You will have to seduce your Capricorn for a long time, to make him/her detach from the daily problems. Capricorn is very reserved, but if you succeed in passing this barrier, (s)he will become him/herself: very passionate and sensual. But your patience will be challenged once again!

If you are ready to put aside your pride, to accept Capricorn's rather frequent and precise criticism and make him/her open up to you, then this Leo-Capricorn relation stands a chance. But I'm afraid the King will get bored pretty soon next to a Goat...

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