Astrology Compatibility: Leo-Cancer

Do Leo and Cancer Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Leo-Cancer

Leo and Cancer


Love is fervent to any Leo, but responsible and tranquil to any Cancer. You will certainly be fascinated with the love a Cancer can offer you, but only for a while. At some point, your Cancer's possessiveness and jealousy, the tendency to spend more time in than out will exasperate or bore you. Or both.

Often, when two sun signs follow one another in the zodiac, each of them has what the other lacks. Instinctively, you might realize that Cancer has some qualities that you would like to have yourself.

Cancer is the most loving and protective of all signs, but also the most emotional, partly because Cancer is a Water sign and partly because Cancer is governed by the Moon, whose movement in the sky is faster than that of other planets. This is what makes Cancer be so changing and capricious.

Moreover, Cancer doesn't open up too easily so it will be difficult to convince him/her to tell you what's wrong: (s)he wants you to understand without words. On the other hand, Leo is the "telling" sign, to you things are better solved if partners tell each other their discontent because the intuitive level doesn't work for you.

Cancer will like and even be fascinated with the intensity you live your life with. But after a while (s)he won't be able to keep up with you. Cancer will like your generosity, until it begins relying on the family money, which (s)he wants to administer differently.

You will never have the patience to stay in the house all the time unless you try very hard. And since your charm consists of impetuosity, it is worth trying to change very much only if your partner can really offer you an ideal relationship.

Cancer's habit of crying over spilt milk or reproaching is another thing that could annoy you, because you like starting from certain facts and the past, which cannot be changed anymore, is not worth being discussed and remembered all the time.

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