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The Twins and the Scales

Are Geminians and Librans
Suitable For Each Other?

Gemini and Libra: Air and Air... Does it work? Of course it does, the only problem is precisely that nobody really "stays" in such a relationship!

A Gemini-Libra relationship is beautiful, often full of satisfactions, because each of you understands the other intuitively - after all, both of you are Air signs. Your Libra is intellectual, refined, honest and optimistic. Just like you, dear Gemini, Libra loves discussing and debating and has the same inner fire that makes him/her wander all the time, visiting cities, friends, anything.

"Libra prefers fancy restaurants and everything that is in fashion, expensive clothes and elegant accessories". That's what all horoscopes say, but I met many Libras that don't even care about such things. The important thing is that they like going out often, just like a Gemini!

It's true that there will be some tension between a Gemini and a Libra; after all, even if you are of the same nature, this is restless Air we are talking about. You are good for each other, indeed: Libra represents around... 80% of what you are looking for in a true partner, so you are in for a lot of joy together.

In the beginning, everything will be like the happy stories that happen to other people, and Libra's sweet talk will turn your head - for good? - , because Libra is a much more rational and analytical sign (this native always tries to balance the two scales in life, love and in the world in general).

BUT, as days turn into weeks and years, it's possible that you will be bothered by Libra's incapacity of making a decision faster. You are an adolescent above all (a Gemini looks young at any age), you want to live here and now, while Libra... have you seen the scales at the market, how much it takes until they find equilibrium, although they have the same quantity on each side? Well, this is what Libra is like. You are tempted to tell him/her to make up his/her mind once and for all. Of course, Gemini's born flexibility can easily overlook this - if you are willing to be flexible.

Libra is the sign of partnership, (s)he feels fulfilled in a marriage or in a steady relationship. Therefore, Libra is also a very devoted sign: your little flirts will be understood but not accepted (don't say I didn't warn you!). Libra is also very diplomat and this is of great help in communicating with a Gemini.

In brief, Libra will dominate in this relationship even if you don't have this impression. Especially financially, because even though Libra is often thoughtless, still, (s)he is a more stabile sign. That means your Libra will give you the money to pay your phone bill but (s)he won't refrain from telling you, from time to time, with all his/her diplomacy, that you should cut down on your phone calls.

Sexually, although both of you are Air signs, everything becomes fire. Both of you like experimenting and neither of you is jealous or possessive, which makes the physical contact be uninhibited. Libra's temper is like a stabilizer, everything becomes more balanced and people feel safer around him/her. Libra will offer you everything and your dual personality will add the necessary spice.

So, does a Gemini-Libra relationship work? Yes, it surely does. Libra is almost everything a Gemini has always wished for: (s)he loves without being possessive, (s)he takes pleasure in talking and (s)he will fascinate you very soon.

Gemini Woman - Libra Man
Love Match

The Libra man and the Gemini woman don't usually ban their own feelings. If it's true that love makes the world go round, this couple throws obstacles in its way. Except for this aspect, they are an ideal pair.

Both the Libra man and the Gemini woman are passionate and neither of them is exceedingly jealous or possessive. They have a lot of character features in common and they are very compatible from the sexual point of view.

In conclusion, between the Libra man and the Gemini woman there can be a pleasing relationship, and a marriage will be tender and happy.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Are Geminians and Librans compatible zodiac signs?