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The Twins and the Lion

Are Geminians and Leos
Suitable For Each Other?

Gemini and Leo? Air and Fire... It sounds good theoretically, but it's the practice that spoils everything here! Why? Because...

Leo is very inflexible, and you are flexibility itself. Leo has deep-rooted ideas, fixed concepts, is stubborn and very often (s)he just has to have it his/her way! Do you expect the freedom you need so much from a Leo? Change your mind because Leo wants you chained besides him/her (in a great, theatrical love because Leo has a generous heart and a rare theatrical sense, but it is still called chaining).

In the beginning, you will probably be attracted to Leo's passion for everything that is glamorous and elegant: (s)he likes going out and having high-quality things (from champagne and caviar to the best car), and when it comes to paying court, Leo is the master of it!

Adventurous as (s)he is, Leo will keep up with you for a while, but... you will be the first to get bored because quick silver does not stay in a place long enough for someone to catch it. Some stability in your life wouldn't hurt and Leo can offer it to you, but ... are you willing to accept it? You can adjust very easily, indeed, but when you demand the same thing from a Leo... do you know that famous roar?

If you feel a little routine and stability would be good for you and if you think you are able not to spend so much time on the phone or with friends anymore, and be more constant, you have a good chance of keeping your Leo close to you. But, I wonder, how long will it take until the quick silver in you, dear Gemini, starts making its presence felt?

Leo's possessiveness... here is another problem that could make you cut and run. Leo's wish to be the leader doesn't bother you, but when (s)he starts wanting you just for him/herself and demanding to know where you are and what you do all the time... I guess you won't like it!

In a word, even if Leo is the king of animals, (s)he will be a puppet in your hands: you can do anything you want with him/her. Until you get bored and find another toy.

Sexually, your fantasy - which Leo will admire -, combined with Leo's wish to prove his/her skills and with the capacity you both have to ignore rules and conventions, will make you get along very well.

In conclusion, I can only tell you this: a Gemini-Leo relationship could turn out to be a wonderful, harmonious one, on the only condition that you decide you need some stability in your life and you understand that possessiveness comes from love. In this relationship, it is you who decides whether to put out the Fire or stir it up even more. But you should try: after all, Leo has so much to offer you!

Gemini Woman - Leo Man
Love Match

The Gemini woman has to show a lot of intelligence in order to keep the Leo man by her side, as the Leo man, although he's easy-going and tolerant, can't stand being cheated on.

What favors the Gemini woman enormously is her natural behavior. The Gemini woman succeeds in challenging and fascinating the Leo man, but sometimes she can also exasperate him.

The Leo man is the strongest personality in the couple and will dominate with no difficulty, which is very important to him.

The Leo man and the Gemini woman can have a good time together, and a marriage will turn out to be satisfying.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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