Sign Compatibility: Gemini-Gemini

How compatible are Gemini and Gemini Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Gemini-Gemini

Gemini sign compatibility with Gemini

Gemini and Gemini... hold on, let's count once again: how many are you, in fact? Duality and duality... Each of you has two sides, and two multiplied by two...

This is a relation that works wonderfully during the first months, then you will both have to make some pretty serious efforts! However, let's take a look at the first months.

Two Gemini people in the same place... the world will look different every morning. You will probably go to all the pubs and all your friends, you will understand each other intuitively, like two spring winds that meet and wander in the sky. Home? What's that? You will probably spend so little time at home that you will forget where you keep your forks...

Whoever invented the expression "love at first sight" must have thought of two people of the same sun sign! However, it remains to be seen if love at first sight means eternal love.

That's what you should expect of a Gemini. But it's not necessary that you purchase two telephones - seriously, I haven't met one single Gemini that does not spend hours talking to friends, relatives, everybody... on the phone! Gemini flirts a lot and is impulsive and this might destabilize you. This is where the effort should be made: somebody will have to put his/her foot down and create a solid base for a lasting relationship.

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