Sign Compatibility: Gemini-Cancer

How compatible are Gemini and Cancer Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Gemini-Cancer

Gemini sign compatibility with Cancer

Gemini and Cancer: spring wind and conservative Water? Enumerate 20 qualities that you appreciate about Cancer, quickly! If you have found them, you are lucky, your Crab has some planets that help him/her be on the same wavelength with you, but that doesn't mean that your relation will be easy, not even for a moment.

The adolescent of the zodiac, that's what they call you, and adolescents live intensely, think that the world belongs to them, but they seldom reach depth of feelings... Well, it is somewhere in that depth that you can find the Cancer, who is a Water sign, highly sensitive and very warm, but not willing to accept as many waves as you create by your mere presence!

Cancer is too often shy and sensitive, (s)he doesn't show his/her feelings that easily (Cancer is very mysterious, governed by the Moon, the "mother" of mysteries!), and love has a different meaning to him/her. The main problem you two have? You are comfortable when you wander outside the house, doing many things at the same time, and Cancer is well-known for his/her attachment to home and everything that is related to it. The Air bubbles don't stay for a long time in the Water, they come out very quickly. You will find Cancer suffocating...

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