Sign Compatibility: Gemini-Aries

How compatible are Gemini and Aries Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Gemini-Aries

Gemini sign compatibility with Aries

Your Aries is under the sign of Mars or, better said, (s)he is on the move all the time because if you say Mars, you actually say fast actions. And Aries will truly feel perfect next to a restless Gemini like you. Your intellectual and speculative side will amaze Aries, but, to be honest, whom wouldn't an Aries in action amaze? You will have problems, too, because neither of you is too tranquil, but your Air feeds Aries' Fire. That means (s)he will love you like crazy!

What attracted you to an Aries? Let's see: was it the overwhelming energy and enthusiasm that could change the world? The passion Aries invests in everything (s)he does? Or was it the easiness with which Aries comes up with ideas? Aries gets bored very easily. So do you. So you can conquer, rebuild, rearrange the world together, because Gemini is curious by nature and Aries is a born "innovator".

Aries will show you a whole new world and you will be successful by his/her side. In everything. Aries likes ruling, indeed, but you are a mutable sign that does not care about being the boss so it won't bother you, I suppose.

As a Gemini, you like listening to words of love (well, WORDS in general, because talking is like... Air to you), to open declarations: Aries will guess exactly what you want (Fire looks for Air instinctively) and (s)he will make you all the declarations you dreamt of: you probably fascinated your Aries from the beginning!

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