Sign Compatibility: Gemini-Aquarius

How compatible are Gemini and Aquarius Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Gemini-Aquarius

Gemini sign compatibility with Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius, Air and Air? YES, this is definitely the relation that is worth keeping: Aquarius offers you anything you want - and even more!

Here is, at last, someone who can live up to your bright intellect! Aquarius is a fixed sign so (s)he will bring some stability to your sometimes chaotic life. Your high sensitiveness will make you fall in love with Aquarius' unlimited fantasy.

If I were to characterize the Gemini-Aquarius relation in two words, they would be "passion" and "carelessness". You both live in the present, have lots of ideas and like talking about everything. Aquarius is very inventive, very attached sentimentally to someone that gained his/her esteem, and Gemini - with his/her intellectual and spiritual charm and his/her eternal youth - will be the perfect choice for an Aquarius.

Moreover, Aquarius is also very popular so you won't visit friends, go out or go shopping by yourself anymore: you have finally met someone who enjoys being around people, where the action is, as much as you do.

You were probably fascinated by Aquarius' rebellious and unconventional style, by the courage with which Aquarius tells things as they are, the way (s)he handles a conversation even if there are 20 other people in the room.

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