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The Twins and the Water Bearer

Are Geminians and Aquarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Gemini and Aquarius, Air and Air? YES, this is definitely the relation that is worth keeping: Aquarius offers you anything you want - and even more!

Here is, at last, someone who can live up to your bright intellect! Aquarius is a fixed sign so (s)he will bring some stability to your sometimes chaotic life. Your high sensitiveness will make you fall in love with Aquarius' unlimited fantasy.

If I were to characterize the Gemini-Aquarius relation in two words, they would be "passion" and "carelessness". You both live in the present, have lots of ideas and like talking about everything. Aquarius is very inventive, very attached sentimentally to someone that gained his/her esteem, and Gemini - with his/her intellectual and spiritual charm and his/her eternal youth - will be the perfect choice for an Aquarius.

Moreover, Aquarius is also very popular so you won't visit friends, go out or go shopping by yourself anymore: you have finally met someone who enjoys being around people, where the action is, as much as you do.

You were probably fascinated by Aquarius' rebellious and unconventional style, by the courage with which Aquarius tells things as they are, the way (s)he handles a conversation even if there are 20 other people in the room.

Maybe Aquarius seems cold and detached to you - (s)he often leaves that impression - but once you have reached his/her soul, you'll see the way the zodiac's innovator knows how to love. In addition to that, your sensitiveness and moods have probably fascinated Aquarius who is amazed at the rhythm life can be lived by.

One small problem: stability. Aquarius, although (s)he is rather absent-minded, has his/her feet set on the ground. Maybe sometimes you will find Aquarius a little stubborn or too inflexible. (S)He isn't, you just have to find the right arguments.

Aquarius lives more intensely the emotions you find ordinary, (s)he thinks about them harder and worries more often: don't forget that Aquarius' symbol is a man holding a pot of water and he is very careful not to spill a drop. Aquarius is the keeper of the world.

Aquarius, just like you, likes trying something new all the time, and from the sexual point of view, this is definitely a plus. Although the Gemini-Aquarius relation is based rather on a strong friendship, your similar styles will make physical love be exactly as you wished: new and even extravagant, always different, always in the high spheres of passion.

Do I still need to say that a Gemini-Aquarius relationship WORKS?

Gemini Woman - Aquarius Man
Love Match

The Aquarius man will dominate the Gemini woman, with whom he makes a very good match as regards sexual preferences.

In bed, the Aquarius man and the Gemini woman will always party, without passion though, but with no tension either. The Gemini woman, frivolous and inconsistent, will see the Aquarius man as a stabilizing factor.

If the activities outside home, which the Aquarius man takes a lot of interest in, will prove to be interesting to the Gemini woman as well, then they will get along wonderfully.

Between the Aquarius man and the Gemini woman there will be an interesting relationship and a marriage will prove to be fascinating indeed.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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Are Geminians and Aquarians compatible zodiac signs?