Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Capricorn-Scorpio

Compatibility of zodiac signs: find out how well Capricorn gets along with Scorpio.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Capricorn-Scorpio

Capricorn astrology compatibility with Scorpio


What happens in bed? You will often be shocked at the burning passion that your Scorpio lives and inspires. His/her fervour takes your breath away, but leaves you longing for it...

As for the fear of not being left... There is no such thing with a Scorpio as your partner. No Scorpio wants to perform in other man's or woman's bed! (S)He tends to establish long-life relations.

One more thing you shouldn't forget: Scorpio is the sign of obsession and you are the goblet in which all his/her passion flows.

In front of a Capricorn-Scorpio couple, I can only bow with admiration. You can get over anything together!

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» Scorpio woman - Capricorn man love matches


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