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Are Capricornians and Sagittarians
Suitable For Each Other?

This is a difficult couple, indeed. Let's say you are complementary, but only to give you some hope.

One of the main problems is that of the planets governing you: Capricorn is governed by Saturn and Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. Sagittarius is optimistic and friendly, while you, dear Capricorn, are strict and realistic. Consequently, (s)he will reproach you with your pessimism.

Don't hope that your beloved Sagittarius will ever understand the expression "to save up for a rainy day". As far as you are concerned, his/her joyfulness and spirit of adventure can make you classify him/her as "irresponsible".

Physically, Sagittarius likes practicing, that's why (s)he may be very skilful and (s)he may laugh in your face, making jokes about how... clumsy you are! This will make you mad and determine you to do only what you want to - or you won't feel like doing anything anymore unless you are advised by your partner.

Anyway, Sagittarius's direct approach is quite the opposite of your diplomacy. You might often feel angry and humiliated.

The love life can be very good at the beginning. Sagittarius's beautiful and athletic body makes you burn. However, after a while, you will ask yourself: what else do I like except for his/her beautiful shapes? Hard to answer...

Your Sagittarius is a philosopher, a theoretician, while you, dear Capricorn, are a pragmatic, a realistic person, that's why you want to take advantage of the material benefits.

Sagittarius's humour, his/her funny philosophy on life can make you laugh. Moreover, you will be fascinated by the way (s)he watches and comments the TV commercials, which feeds his/her need of mental exercise.

Sagittarius' thinking can be symbolical, and you find this way of presenting ideas very interesting and... that's it. If you are interested in esotericism, you could have something in common.

A Capricorn-Sagittarius couple has 50% chances. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but not impossible. It is entirely up to you whether you succeed or not!

Capricorn Woman - Sagittarius Man
Love Match

The Capricorn woman, cautious and discreet by nature, is taken aback by the impulsiveness and carelessness which the Sagittarius man shows. At the same time, the Sagittarius man manages to offend the Capricorn woman with his sincerity and lack of any inhibition.

In his turn, the Sagittarius man is annoyed by the demands of the Capricorn woman.

Money also represents a problem: the Capricorn woman is economical, while the Sagittarius man would go on spending sprees every day.

The Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman don't share special compatibility at the erotic level, either. There cannot be a harmonious relationship between them, not even a short sentimental affair.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Capricorn-Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility
Are Capricornians and Sagittarians compatible zodiac signs?