Sign Compatibility: Capricorn-Leo

How compatible are Capricorn and Leo Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Capricorn-Leo

Capricorn sign compatibility with Leo

From the astrological point of view, a Capricorn-Leo relationship is doomed to failure, because you, dear Capricorn, are an Earth sign and Leo is a Fire sign. Usually, the Earth does not tolerate the Fire elements, but if you take a close look at how much you have in common, you will be very surprised. In my opinion, this relationship has many chances to work.

You are both crazy about an active social life, but the Lion is more exuberant and openhearted while you are more reserved. Social relations are very important to both of you, but for different reasons: one of you wants to enjoy him/herself, the other wants to "extend" his/her influence. You probably recognized yourself in the latter.

You both have taste in clothes and you are always present at the cultural occasions of this kind. Leo will reveal what's best in you and you will bring him/her back to Earth when (s)he forgets that you don't have a kingdom to afford the lifestyle (s)he wants!

Leo can lack any practical sense and (s)he can also be very stubborn - two characteristics that will make you go crazy! In his/her turn, (s)he may find you a little too stiff, too serious when it comes to work. However, let's not forget that love works miracles!

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