Astrology Compatibility: Capricorn-Leo

Do Capricorn and Leo Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Capricorn-Leo

Capricorn and Leo


In bed, Leo wants to be caressed and adored. All this makes you feel a little out of control. For Leo, the sexual act is a real feast: champagne, flowers, chocolate, garments, adornments, sexy lingerie... I'm not trying to say that you don't have a very healthy appetite, but Leo surpasses you!

If you have children, Leo is a very good parent - very interested in children's welfare, (s)he gets so involved in everything that has to do with them that (s)he almost sinks into his/her second childhood. I don't doubt you either - Capricorn has a great respect for family and children - but you will be more useful to them when they grow up. When they are about to get to the university, you are the man they need; I don't take into consideration the money that you have been saving for their studies, but you can advise them about the career they should choose.

Although you might come to taking lessons to climb this mountain of stubbornness, Capricorn and Leo have many things in common. It's true that it requires some effort, but you could have great satisfactions from living with a Leo.

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