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The Goat and the Twins

Are Capricornians and Geminians
Suitable For Each Other?

It cannot be a classical couple, because Gemini is much more desirous of excitement than you are, dear Capricorn. Most certainly, you walked into the trap of his/her sharp and resourceful mind. I'm sure that's what attracted you from the beginning.

Gemini can make you lose your head in a minute, because you take things seriously too quickly, things that (s)he is just playing with. Gemini is not a possessive person. (S)He is rather busy, so you shouldn't worry if you run late at the office.

Gemini will ask all kinds of questions about yourself, which will inevitably scare you and make you wonder: "If I tell him/her everything, won't (s)he get tired of me soon?" You could be right...

The changing and thriving of his/her own personality is a vital need for the Twin. The good part of things is that Gemini can be an inexhaustible source of information due to the fact that (s)he is always informed about everything that happens.

To win him/her over, you'd better admire his/her agility and ability to retain such an amount of information and (s)he will immediately become very affectionate with you. Talking to a Gemini is very stimulating and you will never feel bored.

Gemini is energy itself. If (s)he is intellectually stimulated, (s)he can work very hard and this is something you appreciate in a partner.

In bed, Gemini is unpredictable, inventive and willing to try new things - an exceptional partner from many points of view. Gemini will never expect from you more than (s)he him/herself can offer, but since (s)he proves such a talent, you could think of inventing something spicy yourself...

Gemini needs variation so, if you don't want to be replaced, let your imagination go wild! For example, seduce him/her in each room of your house and then... try other houses, too!

Don't forget about Gemini's sensitiveness about words, so send him/her exciting notes! Surprise is the key to his/her heart and... the button to turn on the sexual desire!

To put it shortly, a Capricorn-Gemini relation can survive but it will take a Herculean effort. Decide if it's worth it!

Capricorn Woman - Gemini Man
Love Match

The Gemini man is too voluntary, impetuous and independent for the Capricorn woman, who's traditional, stable and the family type.

From the erotic point of view, the Capricorn woman won't always be herself around the Gemini man. The Capricorn woman has extra preoccupations in addition to the daily ones - the job, the money, the career - and thinks that the Gemini man is absent-minded.

The relationship between the Gemini man and the Capricorn woman is possible, but a successful marriage would be the living proof that love conquers all.

Astrologer: Ariana

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