Sign Compatibility: Capricorn-Aquarius

How compatible are Capricorn and Aquarius Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Capricorn-Aquarius

Capricorn sign compatibility with Aquarius

Do opposites attract each other? Yes, they do, quite often. Can they hold on together? Sometimes - but in the Capricorn-Aquarius case, the differences are too big. The result of this combination depends on the difference between your expectations and the outcome.

Do Aquarius's unconventional ideas and his/her need of strong sensations send shivers up your spine? You may think these are exciting and provoking qualities, but only in the beginning. You, dear Capricorn, are a traditional to the backbone, while Aquarius does not care about social status, as you do. (S)He doesn't mind shocking, revolutionizing - on the contrary!

Even if your Aquarius is not a typical one, (s)he still has a colder temperament than yours. His/Her vision of the world is very objective. (S)He doesn't let feelings get in the way of reason. Sometimes, his/her interests can be so very modern and "flexible", that you will be longing for a more stabile and... loving person. Aquarius will never fit this description. And we've just begun talking about major differences!

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