Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Virgo

How compatible are Cancer and Virgo Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Virgo

Cancer sign compatibility with Virgo

Cancer and Virgo? Passion and intellect? This is a relationship that could be very beautiful. On paper, at least.

Virgo communicates very well, as it is governed by Mercury that symbolizes Hermes, the God with wings at his ankles, the courier of ancient Gods. Virgo is even-minded and has a special refinement in analyzing details, so (s)he will bring you back to Earth (this is his/her element) and at the same time, (s)he will bring some stability in your emotional life.

Virgo is rather shy and astrologers like saying that (s)he is also a little boring. This is false, though. Virgo likes surprising you with torrents of passion.

Virgo is sometimes a bit too practical and reasonable. But this is good for you. Virgo is also extremely patient (the name of the sun sign comes from Virgin Mary, born on the 8th of September), (s)he likes having a peaceful and beautiful home, so you are in for a very comfortable marriage if you manage to understand each other.

Attention, though: Virgo is highly critical! Whether you like it or not, (s)he'll be looking for the smallest flaws in anything, simply because of his/her passion for details. Remember that your Virgo only does it because (s)he is a perfectionist, not because (s)he has a problem with you.

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