Astrology Compatibility: Cancer-Taurus

Do Cancer and Taurus Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Cancer-Taurus

Cancer and Taurus


Sexually, you get along well: Taurus is very sensitive and sensual. Fortunately, most Taurus natives have a seductive voice (Taurus governs, among others, the voice and the throat). Why fortunately? Because we all know how much you like listening to words of love, told beautifully and artfully. A Taurus will spoil your fantasy!

Your common passion for external interests will make you spend much time together. Moreover, Taurus is fascinated by the sensitiveness of Cancer's perception and I can imagine him/her drinking in your words. Taurus is as jealous and possessive as you are, so marriage will be a relief to both of you, not to fear anything from the outside anymore. Indeed, this is one of the happiest combinations: you can start making long-term plans, there is nothing to stand in your way.

Therefore, does a Cancer-Taurus relationship work? Yes, it does. According to the stars, you can already buy the wedding rings.

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