Astrology Compatibility: Cancer-Scorpio

Do Cancer and Scorpio Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Cancer-Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio


Some warnings: Scorpio often has a very fragile ego. (S)He can go over many things, but (s)he never forgets! Scorpio is avengeful, so be careful: a Scorpio that felt betrayed won't sit around weeping! The problem is that Scorpio is fragile, vulnerable and very sensitive on the inside, although (s)he seems tough on the outside. You have to pay attention to where the limit is: where Scorpio starts being him/herself. But I'm not worried... with your intuition. One more thing: think ten times before saying anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Because if you think you have a good memory, wait until you see Scorpio's!

Your Scorpio wants the same things you want: peace, the joy of a home, commitment. Scorpio is very possessive so, finally, someone will make sure you know how much (s)he loves you, because, just like you, (s)he thinks jealousy and possessiveness are proofs of love.

Sexually, your sensitiveness and Scorpio's passion should take you to ecstasy. Scorpio's intuition is almost as strong as yours, and from the sexual point of view, (s)he doesn't miss any signals, being an excellent lover.

The Cancer-Scorpio combination is, therefore, a relationship you can expect very much of, because you are both on the same wavelength, for better and for worse. A love story that can turn into a very beautiful marriage.

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