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Are Cancerians and Sagittarians
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Cancer and Sagittarius. Full stop. Meaning: don't even think about it! Not only because Sagittarius is a very wandering Fire, but it is also the sign which brings most single people (the sign of philosophers), and your sensitive, emotional and intuitive personality cannot hold him/her still.

Whatever you do, you won't manage to make a Sagittarius more of a family man/woman. Sagittarius always seems on the verge of leaving again to discover something that will keep him/her away from that "home" that you love so much. Moreover, Sagittarius is the sign of flirtation par excellence, and with your born jealousy... I don't think you two belong next to each other.

Indeed, Sagittarius is shining, lively, fascinating. Fire attracts Water, of course. But neither of them can resist too much near the other without being exhausted: Fire is put out, and Water evaporates.

Sagittarius is daring, you need security and stability and (s)he can't offer them to you. Adventure? Yes, as much as possible. One night passion? Yes, of course! What about a steady relationship, peaceful, deep, lasting love? No. You live for the future, you want a home and a family and you try to save some money. Sagittarius lives the present moment. (S)He'll get bored very soon and look for new adventures, while you, dear Cancer, will go even deeper in your shell.

Think hard before going for it, because a Sagittarius can easily win hearts, but (s)he leaves them as easily for something new and more interesting. Cancer's desires and goals are so different that, besides the physical appearance maybe, I can't imagine what could keep you together for more than a few days.

Yes, indeed, Sagittarius likes talking, theorizing, (s)he's very good at it, and (s)he asks him/herself the most difficult questions. Sagittarius is meant to ask the questions the world needs, just as Aquarius is meant to answer them and Cancer to offer protection. Sagittarius is essentially intellectual, which means that the feelings that guide you either don't exist for him/her, or are so filtered by the intellect that you wonder if they are still feelings!

When you tell your Sagittarius that (s)he has hurt or offended you or (s)he has been too tough, too straightforward on you, the only answer will be: "Oh, no, not AGAIN!". From his/her point of view, these sentimental things are too sloppy: let's get serious, the world needs ideas to keep going! And any true Cancer will say that the world needs love to keep going... You are not even from the same planet.

The sexual aspect will reveal you, maybe more than anything else, how different Cancer and Sagittarius are. Sagittarius makes love as if (s)he practised some sport: athletics, entertainment and that's it. And you expected feelings, emotions, spiritual love, twin souls caught in the fire of passion! No, Sagittarius doesn't know anything about them. (S)He lives on a different level of reality.

If any of you is willing to change dramatically, to become so flexible so as to lose his/her personality for the sake of this relationship, things could start working. But you'll never feel understood, loved or appreciated by a person for whom "home" is just a place where (s)he goes to bed.

Cancer and Sagittarius are so different that I'm sure your contradictory desires will start taking their toll on the relationship very soon... Don't say you haven't been warned, dear Cancer: you'll suffer very much next to a Sagittarius, no matter how great your combined astrological aspects might be. You are simply too different.

Cancer Woman - Sagittarius Man
Love Match

The Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman represent two zodiac signs in completely opposite positions on the zodiac circle, which means extremely different.

The Cancer woman needs certainty and stability, while the Sagittarius man needs the feeling of freedom provided by adventure. The Cancer woman is very sensitive and can't take all the acid replies of the Sagittarius man.

With some efforts, the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman could reach erotic compatibility, but even so the Sagittarius man will soon feel the lack of freedom and will set off.

The Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman could be good friends, but a sentimental relationship doesn't stand a chance to succeed.

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