Astrology Compatibility: Cancer-Sagittarius

Do Cancer and Sagittarius Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Cancer-Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius


Think hard before going for it, because a Sagittarius can easily win hearts, but (s)he leaves them as easily for something new and more interesting. Cancer's desires and goals are so different that, besides the physical appearance maybe, I can't imagine what could keep you together for more than a few days.

Yes, indeed, Sagittarius likes talking, theorizing, (s)he's very good at it, and (s)he asks him/herself the most difficult questions. Sagittarius is meant to ask the questions the world needs, just as Aquarius is meant to answer them and Cancer to offer protection. Sagittarius is essentially intellectual, which means that the feelings that guide you either don't exist for him/her, or are so filtered by the intellect that you wonder if they are still feelings!

When you tell your Sagittarius that (s)he has hurt or offended you or (s)he has been too tough, too straightforward on you, the only answer will be: "Oh, no, not AGAIN!". From his/her point of view, these sentimental things are too sloppy: let's get serious, the world needs ideas to keep going! And any true Cancer will say that the world needs love to keep going... You are not even from the same planet.

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