Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Pisces

How compatible are Cancer and Pisces Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Pisces

Cancer sign compatibility with Pisces

Cancer and Pisces? Yes! It works, and it works very well. Feelings are highly considered by both natives, both Cancer and Pisces live in a world where heart rules, so that you'll understand each other almost intuitively.

Pisces likes being taken care of, spoiled, taught and so on. You like doing that. So, you complete each other perfectly. You'll find in this native understanding and even total approval of your feelings, because Pisces understands much more than it is told and can read both gestures and hearts (it's the sign most inclined towards abnormal and paranormal activities). As Pisces him/herself is a native with strong feelings, (s)he'll understand and stabilize yours.

You both have your "weird" moments, when you either need to be alone or are in a bad mood without an apparent reason. Therefore, if you show understanding to your Pisces, you'll discover that (s)he can accept many of your famous caprices. You both like spending time at home rather than out and you have a spirit of sacrifice that will probably bring you many friends.

Financially, you'll have to take over and put aside, because Pisces lives in the present so much that (s)he doesn't care about money nor does (s)he know what to invest it in. Although Pisces is said to be a lucky native when it comes to money, almost any Fish finally finds a way to get rid of it! Yes, that's right, (s)he is wasteful. But that's not all.

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