Astrology Compatibility: Cancer-Pisces

Do Cancer and Pisces Sun signs go well together?

Astrology Sign Compatibility Cancer-Pisces

Cancer and Pisces


Money is not a motivation for a Pisces, (s)he works either for glory, art, eternity, immortality, either for the sake of his/her fellows, of the world, universe, and for other such reasons, more or less weird. Pisces is capable of making money, but (s)he doesn't like it, and, no matter how hard you try, you won't convince him/her that such a prosaic thing is worth the effort. Pisces simply doesn't care about money in this world: (s)he needs very little to be satisfied, because (s)he doesn't live in the real world too much, anyway.

To sum it up, whether you are the woman or the man in this relationship, you'll have to take the financial responsibility because you know best that love is not enough to make a living and you can save money. Not to mention the traditional luck Cancer people are in concerning money.

If it's not money, then what is your Pisces good at? At understanding and sympathizing with others. From this point of view, not only will you benefit from his/her gift, but all the people around him/her. It's true that things can get a little out of control in this regard because many Pisces take the concept of "self-sacrifice" too far and, although nobody believes him/her, a Pisces means it when (s)he says (s)he slept with the boy/girl at the grocery because "(s)he loved me and I felt sorry for him/her".

Certainly, not all Pisces are like that. But they have this tendency, because to them, mercy is more important than morality and they prefer doing a good deed rather than the right thing. And with your well-known jealousy (much is said about Crabs, isn't it?), you'll feel tortured sometimes.

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