Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Libra

How compatible are Cancer and Libra Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Libra

Cancer sign compatibility with Libra

Cancer and Libra? Fortunately, this Air is balanced and understanding, otherwise it would have been "no", three times "no". Anyway, it's not a combination to make you happy. But it is worth trying. After all, Libra is so charming.

What would be your problem, dear Cancer? The fact that you are an insecure native par excellence and also often scared, unlike Libra, who's an apparently distant, free, independent native and spends more time socializing than (s)he spends at home? You don't seem to be the kind...

It's true that, beyond the physical appearance, I can understand why somebody would fall in love with a Libra: refined, irresistibly sophisticated in thinking, mannered, elegant and educated, Libra is expected to arouse a sensitive Cancer's feelings, who's so attracted to beauty.

The problem is Libra will be around friends and away from home too often and the reserved and quiet Cancer will suffer silently. When Libra suggests having a party, you'll only think about the practical issues such as the dirty dishes afterwards, the cost and so on. In addition, Libra is often too optimistic and (s)he throws him/herself into ambiguous projects, and your worries about savings will make you frown more often than you'd like to.

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