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Are Cancerians and Librans
Suitable For Each Other?

Cancer and Libra? Fortunately, this Air is balanced and understanding, otherwise it would have been "no", three times "no". Anyway, it's not a combination to make you happy. But it is worth trying. After all, Libra is so charming.

What would be your problem, dear Cancer? The fact that you are an insecure native par excellence and also often scared, unlike Libra, who's an apparently distant, free, independent native and spends more time socializing than (s)he spends at home? You don't seem to be the kind...

It's true that, beyond the physical appearance, I can understand why somebody would fall in love with a Libra: refined, irresistibly sophisticated in thinking, mannered, elegant and educated, Libra is expected to arouse a sensitive Cancer's feelings, who's so attracted to beauty.

The problem is Libra will be around friends and away from home too often and the reserved and quiet Cancer will suffer silently. When Libra suggests having a party, you'll only think about the practical issues such as the dirty dishes afterwards, the cost and so on. In addition, Libra is often too optimistic and (s)he throws him/herself into ambiguous projects, and your worries about savings will make you frown more often than you'd like to.

Libra likes talking problems through, and your tendency of keeping your feelings to yourself, the arguments and everything that bothers you might become annoying, because people don't usually see hidden things, therefore they don't pay attention. So, if your Libra does anything to upset you, TELL him/her, there is no point in hiding under the shell and crying. Tell him/her, because Libra is very sensitive and (s)he will understand. Maybe not as much as you would like to, but (s)he will try: any Libra wants to reach equilibrium in life and your Libra is willing to make sacrifices for it.

And since we're talking about equilibrium... besides the fact that your (sometimes exaggerated) jealousy will be fully stirred near a Libra that can't stand still, if you add to it outbursts, sentimental reproach, tears and other such "spices", you can be sure Libra will soon leave. There is nothing a Libra hates more than scandals and fights. Diplomat by nature, Libra will do everything in his/her power to avoid something like that, and when the inevitable happens, (s)he gets really scared. That means that Libra runs away.

Normally, astrology would recommend not trying a Cancer-Libra combination: there are 90 degrees between your signs in the zodiac, and that means you can't understand one another, let alone WITH one another! Chemistry, yes. Short relationship - anytime. Marriage - no. No matter how happy a Libra can make you, (s)he'll never reach the depth of your soul. And after a while, it will start to hurt.

Cancer Woman - Libra Man
Love Match

The Cancer woman has a keen sense of criticism, which she manifests especially as addressed to the extravagance of the Libra man. Capable of deep experiences, the Cancer woman is often shocked by the shallow and inconsistent feelings of the Libra man.

Whereas the Cancer woman loves domestic activities, the Libra man prefers to hit the road. The Cancer woman is moderate and economical, while the Libra man acts under the spur of the moment and has the tendency to spend carelessly.

Therefore, the Libra man and the Cancer woman are not really compatible. Their relationship can be somehow satisfying, but a marriage is not at all recommended.

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