Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Gemini

How compatible are Cancer and Gemini Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Gemini

Cancer sign compatibility with Gemini

Cancer and Gemini? You'd better not, stars say...

A domestic Cancer, and a Gemini who can't live without a phone, without paying visits to friends and relatives. It's hard to make a union of this kind work! What you, dear Cancer, are looking for - peace, safety and a comfortable home - is exactly what scares a Gemini, consciously or not: to him/her, change and the place where it happens are the most important things it is worth living for! Not to mention Cancer's traditional moods, which Gemini can't stand...

Moreover, Gemini moves around so much and is so active, that (s)he doesn't have much time to spend at home, and this is exactly the place you enjoy the most.

However, it also depends on what you are looking for. The typical Cancer looks for peace and stability. But if you are a Cancer that is keen on adventure, fun and an exciting life, then you have found your partner! Weird things, new ideas? Gemini has them all! (S)He's the adolescent of the zodiac, isn't (s)he? Nevertheless, a Cancer won't put up with it for long and one day you'll come to the conclusion that all Twins are a button short (that's not quite true, they are just different from the Crabs...).

However, understanding as you are, you might tolerate his/her crazy attitude for a while, especially because your Gemini can be very mature sometimes, due to his/her dual nature (there are two people in this sign and almost always the native has a double personality). Anyway, at one point, you'll come to the conclusion that you want to be closer to Earth than this Air sign.

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