Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Cancer

How compatible are Cancer and Cancer Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Cancer

Cancer sign compatibility with Cancer

Cancer and Cancer: two joined passions. This is indeed a combination you can write a novel about!

Two hopeless romantics can have one of the strongest and most beautiful relationships on this Earth. They create an entire world of feelings and passions. In addition, you have big chances to be happily married because you both have an almost intuitive way of understanding each other. You both have the necessary patience, tenacity, as well as spiritual capacity to make this relationship beautiful.

You need intense feelings, loud-spoken affection, warmth and attention from your partner - and not only at the beginning of the relationship. Well, your Crab understands all this and (s)he'll be there for you to offer you everything you need. Home and family are very important to both of you: you should get along perfectly, even without words.

Considering that you are both under the "government" of the Moon (the governor of your sign), the Cancer next to you will probably be in a bad mood every time you will be in one. This doesn't sound good, but fortunately, the Moon moves quickly and bad moods, weird states of mind etc. will pass as soon as they appeared. It wouldn't hurt if you learned the phases of the Moon by heart, if you don't know them yet: it affects you in the most possible direct way.

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