Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Aries

How compatible are Cancer and Aries Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Aries

Cancer sign compatibility with Aries

Cancer and Aries? Water and Fire, two opposite poles. I don't know where you found your Aries, but it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to stand the zodiac's child. Theoretically, by all the rules of art, I should say "don't even think about it". Why? Let's take them in turns.

It was probably love at first sight because Cancer has the tendency to be protective, and Aries certainly needs compassion, understanding and much, much love. You'll soon discover, though, that Aries likes seeing and doing things very clearly and exactly. The depths you can see, the shades and delicacy of details, especially as regards sentimental life, don't really go with Aries' style.

Not only will you have to appeal to all the understanding and devotion you are capable of (and maybe even more...), but you will also have to put up with many things that don't go with your nature: direct, precise criticism (that Aries is very good at), a straightforward attitude that can easily hurt you. The sensitiveness of a Cancer needs truths told more gently than an Aries is capable of. Yes, that's right, Aries is not very tactful.

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