Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Aquarius

Compatibility of zodiac signs: find out how well Cancer gets along with Aquarius.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Cancer-Aquarius

Cancer astrology compatibility with Aquarius


Aquarius' eccentricity and the moods of the Moon that governs Cancer will collide quite often and it wouldn't surprise me if you were the one saying: "that's it, I can't take it anymore!" Aquarius simply can't understand your mysterious soul, full of emotions and guided by intuition: (s)he can't see anything that is beautiful about you, because his/her eyes can't see the mysteries of the Water.

Sexually, you will probably get along just fine, at the beginning at least. It's hard not to feel excellent with this imaginative Aquarius. But, even so, after a while you'll feel that (s)he's not there with you, although (s)he is near you. It's like (s)he is in some place else at the same time: Aquarius doesn't get involved enough.

Think twice before starting this relationship, dear Cancer: the physical attraction is important but for a long-term relationship you need many other things in common. You'll surely tell yourself that you can change and adapt, that Aquarius is worth all this, because (s)he has such a refined spirit that charmed you, such a mysterious look, etc. But remember that the only relationship in which it is worth staying more than a week is the one allowing you to be yourself every day. Otherwise, it simply isn't worth the effort.

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