Sign Compatibility: Cancer-Aquarius

How compatible are Cancer and Aquarius Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Cancer-Aquarius

Cancer sign compatibility with Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius? You are so different that only with a great effort (especially from you, dear Cancer!) you'll make the relationship work. Aquarius is an Air sign, and you are a Water sign: two elements that don't stay together too much and they never mix.

Aquarius is a sort of "science man" of the zodiac: (s)he is inclined towards research and technology, and (s)he is guided by reason in everything (s)he does: love itself is rational to an Aquarius. And as you are guided first of all by intuition and feelings, your reactions can be very different in similar situations. As a Water sign, you have a certain instinct in relating to people, an instinct that Aquarius doesn't have and doesn't understand. It's not something that can be felt, seen, smelled, analyzed.

Aquarius can seem (and often is) a little distant, cold and... (s)he doesn't seem to get involved as much as you do or as you would like him/her to. You were probably very attracted to his/her mysterious look, but you will soon discover that it isn't just a way to seduce: this is how Aquarius is, mysterious. And no matter how hard you try to understand what happens in his/her soul, you'll always have the impression that there is an invisible barrier, beyond which you cannot pass.

This Air native loves adventure too much to stay at home: Aquarius hears the song of sea maids more often and (s)he follows it. And "home" is the place you enjoy the most. Aquarius is very independent, and this will hurt you, because it will increase your feeling of insecurity (that is characteristic of many Crabs) and your jealousy.

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