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Are Arians and Sagittarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Aries and Sagittarius. Two Fires, one passion.

Any Aries's motto is Adventure. It's not a wonder that you have found your Sagittarius! No matter if you climb mountains together, learn something new or start a business, nothing will ever be boring next to a Sagittarius!

The Aries-Sagittarius combination is very good, because you are both Fire signs and you have so many ideas that you could recreate the world from the beginning. You are both curious about anything that surrounds you.

You have finally found someone who's as idealistic as you are and with whom you can have endless discussions... Maybe you two will dedicate to a cause, a business or an important project together; you will be doing a lot of things together anyway. Aries and Sagittarius together have a lot of potential, but don't forget to take a Taurus, a Capricorn or a Virgo in your team - a little common sense can't hurt, and that's exactly what you two don't have.

To your advantage, Sagittarius is the flexible one. That means that (s)he will let you be in charge, be the boss, the leader... But don't push it too hard, because Sagittarius does not keep it to him/herself, (s)he is very direct and tells it to your face. Sagittarius will bring you back to Earth so fast that you won't know what hit you! It could be exactly the reason for which your relationship works: communication is almost perfect, almost simultaneous and full of love, because you understand each other.

You both like sports (Sagittarius likes it a little more), open-air activities, with your friends or just for a walk, so there are plenty to do with a Sagittarius by your side.

You both love spontaneity so much that you might not make to the bed because of the excitement. The sex will free your energy and you will both be satisfied when you come out of the bedroom/kitchen or wherever imagination takes you.

The only problem could be that Sagittarius is not a sign to aspire to a long-lasting relationship. That's life, you fell in love with the sign of celibacy so don't think for a minute that you will take him/her to the altar so easily. That could ask for time and patience, because Sagittarius needs much time to take a relationship seriously and to decide to give up his/her precious freedom.

You will admire Sagittarius' optimism and (s)he will fall in love with your style of taking what's best in life with both hands. You are meant to be together.

Aries Woman - Sagittarius Man
Love Match

Although the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are compatible, their burning temperaments will often make them fall out. However, their arguments will be quickly resolved.

To the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman it is a pleasure to do a lot of things together, both in the bedroom, as well as outside it. As both of them are keen on having fun and lead active lives, they will make friends very easily.

If the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman get along well in their sexual life, then the rest will also go wonderfully. A marriage has real chances to succeed.

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Aries-Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility
Are Arians and Sagittarians compatible zodiac signs?