Sign Compatibility: Aries-Pisces

How compatible are Aries and Pisces Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Aries-Pisces

Aries sign compatibility with Pisces

Aries and Pisces. Fire and Water. After you blow off steam for a while, dear Aries, you will run away exhausted, because Water has a special way of overflowing continually....

The native Pisces likes having a strong partner: that's good, you have it. Pisces doesn't want to be in control: another good point for you. Pisces doesn't like making decisions: you'd think (s)he is the right one for you. BUT...

The native Pisces is dedicated to the others, his/her personality is almost volatile, (s)he is altruistic and capable of enormous sacrifices. This is nice and you will surely be fascinated by Pisces' inner world, but (s)he is absent-minded too often, and the thing with self-sacrificing will get on your nerves when you see how (s)he lets the others take advantage of him/her.

And if you try to say anything, Pisces will either shrug his/her shoulders (what does (s)he have to do with these earthly things?) or start explaining that it doesn't matter because (s)he is only interested in the good (s)he has done, not in what (s)he received in return.

This is the point when Aries says STOP. Pisces is concerned with saving the world but Aries is the sign of "I, I, I the first"... They say that the Fish has an old soul and (s)he understands the whole world's pain, that (s)he has an inner light, but all these things that interest him/her seem rather strange, if not unhealthy, to you.

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