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Are Arians and Librans
Suitable For Each Other?

Aries and Libra, Fire and Air, the warrior Mars and the Beautiful Venus... Moreover, you are opposite signs in the zodiac! (Libra is at six sun signs away from Aries.)

In just a few words? You either complete each other or compete against each other. There is no middle way with you two: it is all or nothing. But Fire needs Air, and since air also means wind, which likes playing with the fire flames, there is everything between you two rather than nothing.

Libra, as a sign of equilibrium (that (s)he always looks for), is very skillful when it comes to negotiation and (s)he knows how to bring peace in your life and how to incite you - as an Air sign, Libra communicates very well.

Unlike the impetuous and thoughtless Aries, Libra thinks objectively, progressively, and divides problems in smaller "parts" that are easier to "digest".

A born diplomat, loving beauty and showing the gentleness characteristic of the love symbolized by his/her tutorial planet (Venus), Libra is good at making long-term plans and contracts. To an Aries, this is an essential quality, because the native of this sign is a very good initiator, but not very efficient in carrying out plans.

A very communicative Air sign, Libra will always encourage you with new ideas and will show you new points of view to interpret things from. Libra likes team work - Libra is, in fact, the sign of marriage - so Libra will always look for a middle way, for a right solution to problems - that's an warning for the Aries people that are bossy and tyrannical.

You are lucky because Libra enjoys a relationship more than loneliness, so Libra will do his/her best to make the relationship work, and will only leave if things become really ugly. Libra will either teach you how to give in or make compromises for you, because (s)he will be fascinated by the fire that burns in each Aries, and will try to stay as close as possible.

Aries generally likes winning at any price. Therefore, you might terrorize or intimidate your partner just to have it your way. This is something that won't do you any good. You have to take it easier with a Libra and be a little more subtle!

Don't forget that, although Libra's methods are more refined and subtle, Libra is at least as determined as you are. (S)He might even want to set down his/her foot and be the boss, (s)he likes this taste, also. However, I can see you learn how to give in, without even realizing it, due to the Libra's talent to persuade. Libra can be very persuasive, indeed, and you could learn something from him/her.

Sexually, an Aries, governed by Mars, could be a little hasty for a refined Libra (that also has a very keen sense of beauty). Don't forget to slow down and remember that most Libras pay much attention to words, so direct approach, though part of your charm, doesn't really work here. Shallowness irritates almost any Libra so, whatever you say, be prepared to be taken as seriously as possible.

Libra knows what to look at very well: the visual aesthetics is very important to him/her - (s)he likes wearing quality clothes and she likes seeing you look as elegant as possible so... use your comb and polish your shoes!. Even though you have been married to a Libra for 20 years, (s)he still wants you to look good, to match your clothes, you know, Venus stuff...

Aries-Libra is a combination with a very good chance so you can be happy if you meet a Libra. The Venus-Mars combination is one of the most exciting in the zodiac because it combines the warrior's positive aggressiveness with the erotic love of the goddess of beauty. It couldn't have been better.

In conclusion, you will like Libra's confidence, his/her bold ideas and active spirit. All you have to do is give in a little (when it comes to "who's the boss") and you will have him/her. Libra doesn't necessarily want to be the boss, (s)he just doesn't want to be the subordinate!

Aries Woman - Libra Man
Love Match

Between the Aries man and the Libra woman there can be some attraction for a short period of time. By his aggressiveness, the Aries man could reveal the unconventional instincts repressed by the Libra woman.

Both of them look for sexual pleasure, but in this relationship the Aries man tries to go on at a too fast pace. The Libra woman is an idealistic nature and can be easily disappointed. Sexual life needs to come under the sign of subtle seduction.

The physical fulfillment between the Aries man and the Libra woman can make a relationship successful, but not a marriage.

Astrologer: Galadriel

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