Sign Compatibility: Aries-Leo

How compatible are Aries and Leo Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Aries-Leo

Aries sign compatibility with Leo

Aries and Leo. Twin Fires... A sensational meeting between soulmates, full of power, energy and force. If you found a Leo, remember that his/her personality seems to have been created to match yours. You will never miss bold ideas, conversation and adventures.

The Lion has a great heart that will fascinate you, and an inclination towards theatricalism that will always make you laugh (what Aries wouldn't yield to this strong argument?) You are both Fire signs, so you will always discover new things together, you will create or initiate projects. You want the same things, so you will get them much easier together. Leo is a very romantic sign - (s)he symbolizes the celestial man's heart - so your Leo will have many, many adorable surprises for you.

Get ready to go to the most famous restaurants because Leo likes going out, showing him/herself, frequenting refined and elegant places. Leo also likes being dressed-up and manages to look good no matter what (s)he is wearing, so you'd better put on your best clothes and give up jeans and T-shirts, dear Aries.

The male Leo is a courteous man and the female Leo, a femme fatale by nature, but (s)he likes being in charge very, very much and it could be a sore point between you two. But she is so charming that I can see you lay down your arms.

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