Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Aries-Cancer

Compatibility of zodiac signs: find out how well Aries gets along with Cancer.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Aries-Cancer

Aries astrology compatibility with Cancer


It will not take long until you get the impression that Cancer is always complaining and fawning and that his/her mood changes all the time; on the other hand, Cancer will think you are insensitive and heartless if you tell him/her to his/her face. That happens because Aries does not have the necessary subtlety to notice the little (often tiny...) details that can hurt a Cancer.

To make this relationship last, you will both have to give in a lot and to work on communication, discuss as much as possible, try to understand each other. Of course, there are patient Aries people, too, who like staying at home on Saturday evenings. But they are probably on Mars or on the Moon. That means they either don't exist or will be registered as new life forms when they are discovered. And there are Cancerians that are not emotional, also on the Moon. So it doesn't work in the cruel reality...

If you feel you can invest all your energy (and even more) in the house, not in your career, if you think you can stand moods and lamentation - it will surely work. You might even like it because Cancer, when (s)he feels (s)he is loved, offers everything in return: and "everything" means much, much love and devotion. If only...

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