Sign Compatibility: Aries-Cancer

How compatible are Aries and Cancer Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Aries-Cancer

Aries sign compatibility with Cancer

Aries and Cancer. Fire and Water. The Crab is so different from you that the relationship depends entirely on you, on your attitude and on how much you can take.

Cancer is very attached to family and (s)he wants to have a home very much. You feel the need to conquer the world, to take risks, to start new projects, to have a larger perspective. Cancer longs for stability and is terrorized by your adventurous spirit: you scare him/her completely.

When you try to explain to him/her that you want to do something great for the human kind, money or friends, (s)he will just ask you why you can't have a regular job like all the others, be someone's subordinate. Because an Aries, even when (s)he is employed in a company, will still cook up secret plans to become independent: you are the world's enterprisers. You will probably try anything to reach this goal, as if you escaped from a prison. And Cancer will ask you why you don't spend more time at home! That's nerve, isn't it? Cancer doesn't have your unlimited ambition so (s)he will accept the Aries's explanations, but still, (s)he will never understand how work can be more important than family.

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