Sign Compatibility: Aries-Aries

How compatible are Aries and Aries Sun signs in a relationship?

Sign Compatibility Aries-Aries

Aries sign compatibility with Aries

Aries and Aries, when Fires get together... Waves of energy burst and enthusiasm invades their world. But very strong energies sometimes collide.

Aries people have deep-rooted opinions and are very stubborn. Your purpose in the zodiac is to represent the force of life, the energy. "I" is the most important word in the vocabulary of an Aries. Therefore, the combination between two Aries people could become one of those spicy things - in plain English, a troubled love.

If each of you succeeds in going beyond his/her stubbornness and desire to be the one who's always right, and if you give up the inevitable fights for power, you could have a beautiful relation, active, imaginative and resourceful.

If you don't compete over trifle things and respect each other's opinions (and each other's desire to be the boss), and if you manage to direct your energy outwards, towards the others, you are in for a very exciting relation. No dream will be too bold, no adventure too courageous, no project too imaginative. You can accomplish so much together! Provided that you establish the mandate period of each of you very clearly.

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