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Are Arians and Aquarians
Suitable For Each Other?

Aries and Aquarius. Fire and Air. An adventure in the shape of a great love.

Indeed, next to an Aquarius, your life will be what you have always wanted: a great adventure. Aquarius has a mysterious and unearthly Air, and, at the same time, a sharp, analytical mind. I bet you fell in love at first sight with such a combination of qualities an Aries can appreciate so well!

Deep down, you are a rebel, and so is Aquarius. You can do everything you want together - a better world, a good business, a happy family. Aquarius's role on Earth is to see the flaws of the society, to make a better world - yes, Aquarius really believes that, and (s)he will always try to help many people.

Neither Aries nor Aquarius are crazy about social status, so you will be willing to take risks together. You are both future-oriented, so you speak the same language - even the same dialect, because you have a special gift of communicating almost intuitively.

Aries wants to be the boss, and Aquarius does not care, (s)he wants to be free to carry through his/her projects. To both of you, absence leads to presence, so you will respect each other's need of freedom and sometimes of loneliness.

Just like you, Aquarius doesn't think a marriage is based on the merging of personalities, but rather on the union between two different entities, so Aquarius will not suffocate your spirit. But Aquarius is much more flexible than Aries, so pay attention: if something seems vitally important to him/her, (s)he won't give in, (s)he will be very firm about it.

Sexually, Aquarius (the sign of inventiveness) and Aries (the pure energy) will make a perfect match. Your Aquarius will be different every day and you like that, because it satisfies Aries' thirst for adventure and novelty.

The beginning is a little difficult with an Aquarius, who is very friendly and charming in the society, but who opens up slowly in personal relationships. But I doubt that this will be an obstacle for a real Aries, that is an impetuous sign.

Fortunately, neither of you is possessive. When you want somebody, let him/her free: if (s)he doesn't come back, it means (s)he was never yours. Sometimes you may find it hard to follow all the Aquarius's changes, as it would be difficult to follow the change of wind: we feel it, but we can't say when it started and passed by, where it is headed and where it comes from. You will often think that (s)he gets lost on the verge of the unpredictable, but, after all, that's what attracted you from the beginning, isn't it?

A fairy-tale relationship: Aries and Aquarius need each other and can support each other like Air and Fire.

Aries Woman - Aquarius Man
Love Match

In bed, the Aquarius man and the Aries woman will experience a lot of fun and action.

Conflicts are possible to occur when one of them tries to impose, as both the Aquarius man and the Aries woman are natures that can't stand authoritarian partners.

They are both creative when it comes to the erotic life and compatible from all points of view. The Aries woman, having a stronger personality, will take over.

A relationship between the Aquarius man and the Aries woman has all the chances to succeed, as well as a marriage.

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