Aquarius-Scorpio Zodiac Sign Compatibility

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The Water Bearer and the Scorpion

Are Aquarians and Scorpios
Suitable For Each Other?

Aquarius and Scorpio. What a relationship between the infinity of the Sky and the abyss of the Earth!

Total level difference! And a matching power between two extremes without which our life would be impossible.

Aquarius seems to deny his/her terrestrial origins, and Scorpio seems to forget his/her celestial ideal; one tends to go up and the other to go down.

It's practically a relationship between two sun signs that most often communicate on completely different frequencies. A combination usually thought of as impossible or very difficult, as Aquarius isn't very patient with Scorpio's emotional, introvert and jealous nature, while Scorpio will hardly tolerate Aquarius' careless independence.

The initial erotic attraction is stimulating, even fascinating, but Aquarius' unpredictable moods and Scorpio's possessiveness can cause break-ups rather often.

Still, the courageous (talking about the Aquarius) and the patient (meaning the Scorpio) can be happier than anyone could imagine, in spite of all bets and sad predictions. That is because Aquarius brings along a divine state of purity in love and Scorpio an irresistible force of affective revival.

This way, the relationship between the Sky and the Earth is one of permanent exchange of ideas, of mutual stimulation, in which Uranus' intelligence feeds Pluto's intuition and inspiration.

The risk regards Aquarius' fragility in front of any strong attacks from Scorpio.

Aquarius Woman - Scorpio Man
Love Match

The Scorpio man can't stand the whims of the Aquarius woman.

Whereas the Scorpio man is primarily preoccupied with home, the Aquarius woman gets involved in many social projects, which force her to neglect her home. Moreover, the Scorpio man can't dominate the Aquarius woman, who cherishes her freedom too much.

The Aquarius woman is very sociable, unlike the Scorpio man. In his turn, the Scorpio man doesn't appreciate at all the creativity the Aquarius woman proves to be gifted with.

The sex encounters between the Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman are quite good, but they are not enough to ensure the durability of the couple. It would be better if each of them followed their own path in life.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Are Aquarians and Scorpios compatible zodiac signs?