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The Water Bearer and the Fish

Are Aquarians and Pisceans
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Aquarius and Pisces, or unconditioned commitment and supreme sacrifice.

Yes, this is a couple of free sufferance or of the human kind's salvation - meaning that each of them has his/her own duality. The Pisces native can choose the direction in this couple if (s)he is allowed to, and Aquarius can decide whether this direction is the necessary one, if (s)he is taken seriously.

In normal or poor social conditions, the Aquarius-Pisces couple can have a peaceful marriage with the subsequent implications. But, at turning points for the humanity, this couple can prove often incredible qualities. And this is exactly because one dreams as much as (s)he can (Aquarius) and the other sacrifices him/herself willingly (Pisces), because they both know, deep inside their heart, that they are here to save the planet.

If you separate an Aquarius-Pisces couple from their spiritual motivation you'll see that you practically take their life away. Or, on the contrary, if you strongly support their frenzy and unconditioned commitment, you'll be surprised at how much you can learn from them, the ones that can suddenly become ways of manifestation for the divine energies of love.

Aquarius loves everything, because his/her nature is solar, free of any kind of prejudices and willing to offer. Pisces, in his/her turn, loves everything, because his/her nature is sensitive and compassionate, desirous of offering comfort, taking on him/herself the sufferance of the others.

Charitable by definition and altruistic, Aquarius and Pisces find themselves with joy in the happiness and welfare of the others, like some anonymous guides, completely fulfilled by a love that never ends, going beyond the usual limits and sometimes experiencing consciousness expansion or modified consciousness.

Astrologer: Ariana
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