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The Water Bearer and the Lion

Are Aquarians and Leos
Suitable For Each Other?

Aquarius and Leo: the ones who look into each other's eye for a lifetime!

"Excellent combination!" most of us would say, because, indeed, good Air can sustain a long Fire. Great commitment (Leo) becomes at any time the support of enthusiasm (Aquarius) that can mean everything.

However, there is some over royalty here: Leo is theatrical and takes, sometimes abusively, the entire scene of Aquarius' existence, while Aquarius, the king of the whole space by definition, stands no limitation, even if it is out of love.

In an Aquarius-Leo couple, each of them tries to impose on the other one what is characteristic of him/herself: Leo - his/her absolute royalism, Aquarius - his/her unlimited freedom.

Thus they risk drifting apart precisely because of what they have in common - passion, sincerity, love of everything, brightness, extravagancy, nobility and ardor.

Aquarius Woman - Leo Man
Love Match

When the Leo man and the Aquarius woman make love, there's a lot of passion involved.

The Leo man is challenged and at the same time annoyed by the Aquarius woman's tendency of analyzing everything. This way, the Aquarius woman risks destroying the Leo man's trust in his master-like powers.

Also, the appetite for spicy things the Aquarius woman shows in bed might get on the Leo man's nerves and drive him away pretty soon.

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman can be occasional sex partners, but under no circumstances can they be life partners.

Astrologer: Ariana

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