Aquarius-Capricorn Zodiac Sign Compatibility

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Are Aquarians and Capricornians
Suitable For Each Other?

Aquarius and Capricorn! Two very different Saturnine people - simply complementary.

Interesting combination! But, statistically, it's quite rare because these two "old" signs don't seem to need each other too often. Still, if they meet and manage to synchronize their value systems, they can build one of the most spectacular couples.

Capricorn will patiently temper Aquarius' lack of measure and Aquarius will always suggest new horizons to Capricorn. It is, in fact, the couple that can abolish the generation gap from history, if the Saturnine Capricorn knows what to keep of what is old and if Aquarius knows what to choose of the new values to add to the existing ones. The combination between tradition and innovation can truly be saving sometimes.

It's understandable why, from the winter signs on, love comprises the great problems of humanity. These signs didn't join the terrestrial existence for themselves, but for the others.

In the love each of them has for the other, there is also a sort of "human affective experiment" that is meant to take us to elevation and sanctity.

Aquarius is the person of progress and adventure while Capricorn is completely moral and responsible. Aquarius seems to waste the resources that Capricorn administers to him/her with different degrees of generosity.

Aquarius loves space and Capricorn adores time. Maybe that's why Aquarius lives boundlessly and Capricorn agelessly. Maybe that's why their relationship can be both spontaneous and short, and also elaborate and eternal.

If they literally leave something behind for the sake of the society, that means they really loved each other, bringing a wonderful undying present to the linearity of our lives.

Aquarius Woman - Capricorn Man
Love Match

In the relationship between the Aquarius woman and the Capricorn man, love will soon turn into friendship.

At the erotic level, the Aquarius woman is not really satisfied by the Capricorn man. While the Aquarius woman prefers more unconventional sex, the Capricorn man is a fan of sex in the traditional style.

In conclusion, the Aquarius woman, original and fond of freedom, will not stay forever in love with the Capricorn man, calm and sensible.

The Aquarius woman and the Capricorn man can have an acceptable sentimental affair, but a marriage would require big efforts on behalf of both of them.

Astrologer: Ariana

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Aquarius-Capricorn Horoscope Compatibility
Are Aquarians and Capricornians compatible zodiac signs?