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Free Astrology Content Horoscope Script

Daily Horoscopes on Your Website? Easy & Free!

Free daily horoscopes are among the most popular contents on the Web. So why wouldn't you publish the daily horoscopes on your website - for FREE ! - and make your visitors come back daily, increasing your traffic dramatically?

The eAstrolog.com Horoscope Script is the front-end of a remotely hosted script that generates the eAstrolog.com daily horoscopes into your webpages.

All it takes is Copy&Paste the script code in the HTML code of your webpages, exactly where you want the horoscope to appear. The text is automatically updated at midnight (you only need to select the timezone). Watch your traffic grow!

Benefits of the Free Horoscope Script

  • seamlessly integrated within your webpages content
  • complete: all 12 signs, plus overview - 13 pages in all !
  • easy to implement
  • automatically updated daily
  • NO maintenance or updating required
  • reliable (it's been continuously online since 1998)
  • interpreted by professional astrologers - probably the most accurate horoscope on the Web
  • it's FREE !

Requirements of the Free Horoscope Script

Important Note: For technical reasons, we can only provide the daily horoscope for websites hosted on their own domains and/or subdomains (e.g. www.domain.com and user.domain.com).

Specifically, we can not provide the daily horoscope for websites hosted by "subdirectory-type" free servers (e.g. www.freeserver.com/user/).

Three Simple Steps:

  1. See the features of the free horoscope script.
  2. Read about using the free horoscope script.
  3. Request your activation ID for the free horoscope script.


Free Astrology Content for Your Website
Daily Horoscope Script