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Easy Horoscope For Your Website

Daily Horoscope Content - Free and Easy!

Even the most interesting websites can benefit from providing their visitors with a daily horoscope made by professional astrologers. Make your visitors come back daily, increasing your traffic dramatically!

If you're wondering "Where can I find a free horoscope for my website?", you've just found the answer!

Now you can do this very easily, in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Your Horoscope - on Light or Dark Background?

  • example of horoscope on dark background version: above
  • examples of horoscope on light background version: to the right, and below

(Note: The three examples are of different formats, but you will pick a format in the next step.)

The examples real-life, fully functional. Just click on any zodiac sign and a pop-up will open with that sign's horoscope for today.

Step 2: Choose the Format and Copy the Code

View all the formats for the background version of your choice, pick a format (according to the available space in your page), and copy it's corresponding code:

Step 3: Paste the Code and Enjoy!

Now paste the code you've copied, in your page's HTML code, exactly where you want the horoscope to appear. Then open your page in a browser and check that the horoscope is correctly displayed and functional. That's all!


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Easy Daily Horoscope

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