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Virgo, April 2015

Virgo Love: " You'll have the impression that the other one doesn't understand you or doesn't appreciate you enough, or that you don't manage to decipher their intentions or actions. You can, however, meet on an intellectual and spiritual ground ..."

Virgo Career: " You'll make headway. Your projects will start taking shape, your work will become more efficient. Virgo's finances will be favoured in the first part of April 2015 and, with a bit of caution, chances are you will get a very good deal on a purchase or get a raise ..."

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April 2015 monthly horoscope for Virgo

Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Virgo, March 2015

Virgo Love: " The Sun will be in Virgo's house of couple until March 21st 2015. As the Sun gives light and warmth, it is expected to make your sentimental life brighter and lively. And it might indeed be like that, up to a point though ..."

Virgo Career: " March 2015 will be very dynamic for Virgos at the financial level. Mars, Venus and the Sun will cross one of Virgo's financial houses, which could signal an investment, the start-up of a business, the recuperation of some valuable things or the access to material benefits ..."

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