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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Virgo

Latest Monthly Update:
Virgo, July 2015

Virgo Love: " It's a quieter time when Virgos can enjoy secret happiness, away from prying eyes. If you can't enjoy such a love, then maybe you should take full advantage of July 2015 and take a good look at your love life. Pinpoint what exactly is not working out ..."

Virgo Career: " Virgos' social life is very busy right now. In July 2015 you partake in many group activities, you assert yourself in a collective, you're fully invested in organizing events, you make your ideas known. Maybe you're speaking in public, attending a congress ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Virgo, June 2015

Virgo Love: " Venus is alongside Jupiter, the ruler of Virgo’s house of couple, which should bring happiness and fulfillment. But the proximity of the two happens in Virgo’s 12th house, which has to do with secrets, the subconscious, illusion or illicit. ..."

Virgo Career: " You have three strong allies in Virgo’s house of career: Mars – which inspires ambition, initiative and the desire to act; the Sun – which gives you authority, prestige and makes you stand out; and, more importantly, Mercury – ruler of both your sign and your house of career. ..."

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