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Taurus Horoscope February 2016

Love and Life as a Couple

Far from being peaceful and common, February 2016 brings Taureans a wave of amorous energy that must be exorcised at all costs.

With Jupiter in Taurus’ house of sexuality and with Mars, planet of passion, in Taurus’ house of couple, it’s a provocative term full of drive. All kinds of events take place, you need to take the initiative, you’re driven by the impulse to seduce, to trigger reactions, to clarify situations.

Fiery and lively, Jupiter amplifies your instincts, while Mars, hot and demonstrative, makes you conquer your hang-ups, charge, forget prudence, diplomacy, and sometimes even properness.

And if you don’t make waves, then you have the knack for attracting those who do: the passionate, turbulent, maybe even aggressive.

Your love and relationships horoscope for February 2016 can be better understood in the context of Taurus love & relationships horoscope 2016 (opens in new window).

Career and Finances

February 2016 is a very active term for Taureans’ careers.

The Sun is in Taurus’ house of career during the first two decans, and Mercury and Venus during the second part of the month. These astrological transits put you in the spotlight, bring you success, recognition, and honors.

Information, communication, and relations play an important part in your success. Also, collaborations and team work are stimulated not only by Venus’ transit through Taurus’ house of career, but also by Mars’ presence in Taurus’ house of relationships.

You might be busy with some new contracts or a project that involves more people. Also, you might have to deal with rivalry, competition, maybe even some conflicts.

Financially, promising news: Mercury, ruler of Taurus’ house of money, is well positioned and brings you opportunities to increase your income. It’s all up to you to capitalize on them!

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Mental and Physical Shape

Taureans are full of energy in February 2016, but there’s enough stress during this term and you’re tempted toward excess.

You should avoid tense situations and conflicts, because they have a negative effect on your physical and emotional equilibrium.

You’d do better not to rush, not to get involved in risky situations, and be cautious in relationships with strangers or those who are angry or without manners.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Taurus in February 2016

Be patient with others and keep calm and diplomatic, whatever happens!

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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Taurus Horoscope January 2016

Love and Relationships

Mars, ruler of Taurus’ house of couple, enters this house on January 3 2016. So commences a 9-month term during which Taureans’ relationships are in the spotlight and, one way or another, are tied either to money (business, inheritances, investments, partitions and so on), or to events that cause concern, anxieties or even crisis.

Mars, being retrograde, will be in Taurus’ house of couple (in January and February 2016), then in Taurus’ house of money and anxieties (in March, April, and May), then again in Taurus’ house of relationships (in June and July), and again in your house of money (in August and September).

It’s important that from the beginning of this cycle you pay great attention to the meaning of relationship-related events and prevent difficult situations or conflicts.

Your love & relationships horoscope for January 2016 can be better understood in the context of Taurus love & relationships horoscope 2016 (opens in new window).

Career and Money

Studies and travel could bring satisfactions to Taureans in January 2016, but could also be demanding and stressful. Long-distance collaborations and import-export activities are also on that list.

January 2016 pushes Taureans to further their knowledge, write or publish papers, commence cultural, educational, or juridical endeavors, or just further their specialization.

Team work and work or business partnerships are emphasized, but require a calm and cautious approach.

In regard to Taureans’ finances, Venus’ trajectory through their 8th solar house could bring them extra income in January 2016, gifts or other advantages, but caution is advised.

Taurus career & money horoscope 2016 might provide context to your career & money horoscope for January 2016 (the page opens in new window).

Body and Mind

By large, Taureans have good tonus and quite a lot of energy in January 2106, enough to spare.

It’s an excellent time to defeat their sedentary lifestyle and get active, at the gym or outdoors.

Travels could also be attractive, but they’re not without adventures. So keep an eye on the road!

Nurture good relationships with those around! In January 2016 conflicts could affect your inner balance and health.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Taurus in January 2016

Read, cultivate yourself, learn a foreign language!

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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