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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Taurus

Latest Monthly Update:
Taurus, August 2015

Taurus Love: " On August 2 2015 Saturn resumes its direct motion in Taurus' house of couple. That clears things up regarding issues that remained unsolved. These could be related to Taureans' home, family or properties, or to certain issues of your lover ..."

Taurus Career: " Taureans seem to go through a term of professional examinations and (re)evaluations. You go over your major goals and means of work, analyze your environment and the people your work with, and so on ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Taurus, July 2015

Taurus Love: " Saturn has reached Taurus' house of couples again through its retrograde motion. Mars, ruler of Taurus' house of couples, has a weakened and tense position. Therefore, in July 2015 you might face some issues in your relationship ..."

Taurus Career: " You move around a lot, you interact with a lot of people, you have all kinds of ideas, you do your best to persuade, you make arrangements. You burn a lot of nervous or intellectual energy, while communication and information are your weapons and strong suits during this time ..."

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