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Taurus, April 2015

Taurus Love: " Not only will you be ready to take initiative and start real campaigns to win somebody's affection if you are interested in them, but you will also have the gift of attracting or seducing, sometimes even without the slightest effort ..."

Taurus Career: " The presence of Mars in the sign of Taurus will infuse you with dynamism and will stimulate you to take initiative and action, to decide, organize and dare for more than usual. You'll be ambitious, competitive, you'll advance, stand out, exercise your leadership skills ..."

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April 2015 monthly horoscope for Taurus

Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Taurus, March 2015

Taurus Love: " With Venus and Mars in Taurus' twelfth house, in March 2015 happiness will be hard to reach. Some Taureans might enjoy satisfactions, but in a secret relationship, maybe even forbidden. For others, though, there will be nothing worth mentioning ..."

Taurus Career: " March 2015 will be a contradictory month as regards relationships with people: there will be some that will want to help you and others that will only want to ambush you. Use your observation skills and your excellent instincts to identify the well meaning and the harmful ones ..."

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Taurus monthly predictions, March 2015

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