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Scorpio Horoscope September 2012

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Love and Relationships

Fierce wishes, strong emotions, the impulse to take action immediately and energetically to fulfill your desires. This is what Mars in Scorpio will do to you in September 2012, by October 7th. Mars awakens instincts and amplifies sexuality, lights the fire and sets passion free.

Venus, on the other hand, will cross the highest area of the horoscope, showing how much you cherish love, but also the high expectations you have of the dear one or the high standards you have for the person that wants to conquer you.

In September 2012 there will also be a cross-connection between the couple and the career: the couple relationship will help you advance, the couple will have social-professional success, etc.

However, sentimental or marital harmony will be hard to achieve in September 2012. Maybe because there's too much determination or exigency, maybe because you don't have enough patience to build a strategy or maybe because you're not objective enough.

Your love & relationships horoscope for September 2012 can be better understood in the context of Scorpio love & relationships horoscope 2012 (opens in new window).

Career and Finances

Mars in Scorpio will motivate and energize you. In September 2012 you'll focus on your profession very well, you'll have clear objectives, energy, ambition and initiative.

Venus in your house of career will give you the opportunity to stand out, to attract the superiors' friendship. Social relationships and your personal charm will help you get promoted.

One more advantage: the Sun and Mercury in Virgo will bring you popularity, friends' and supporters' help, protection from those able to give it to you.

September 2012 will be favorable to future projects, group activities, collaboration. Beware, though! It won't be an easy period: you'll have to make effort, get involved, fight, struggle.

The stake in September 2012 will be how to use your competitiveness and diplomacy: if you find the best combination, success is yours.

Financially, you'll have opportunities, but you shouldn't go for more than you can deal with.

Scorpio career & finances horoscope 2012 might provide context to your career & finance horoscope for September 2012 (the page opens in new window).

Health and Morale

You'll be better than the previous month. In September 2012 you'll have much more energy, you'll be able to carry out intense activities, you'll coordinate your actions better, you'll be able to make a lot of effort.

You're recommended to exercise, to use your physical strength.

From the medical point of view, there's a risk of accidents (cuts, burns, injuries, etc.), acute pains, infections, inflammations, fever or bleedings.

The exposure to stress will be high all throughout September 2012.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Scorpio in September 2012

Avoid potentially risky, conflicting or violent situations!

Mihaela Dicu

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