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Cancer Horoscope September 2012

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Love and Relationships

In September 2012 you'll experiment a slightly different style from the usual one. Romantic predispositions, delicate and shy, will fade away, and in their place will come a robust sexual instinct, doubled by a strong cerebral component.

Idealism will take a break. No more dreams and subtlety, you'll want concrete action, information and clarifying discussions, physical, real expression, authentic and vigorous. "Flesh and reason" or, more clearly, if you have the opportunity, get your hands on it.

Highlighting objective, concrete reality will reflect not only on direct interactions, but also on the fact that, in September 2012, the couple relationship will interfere with financial interests and with preoccupations connected to family, accommodation, properties.

The practical tendencies will not exclude passionate expression or new love, though. The attitude will make the difference: you won't get your hopes too high, you'll know exactly what you want and you'll look at things with pragmatism and objectivity.

Your love & relationships horoscope for September 2012 can be better understood in the context of Cancer love & relationships horoscope 2012 (opens in new window).

Career and Finances

September 2012 will be a good month for both status, and profit and welfare. The ruler of your house of career, Mars, will be in a strong position, which will allow you to advance, impose, self-promote and benefit from some advantageous circumstances.

Maybe the courage to take action will be different. Mars will somehow push you to adventure and bold initiatives, while the Sun and Mercury will lend you dynamism and enterprising spirit and will support you when negotiating, deciding, analyzing, calculating.

You'll do as well when it comes to intellectual, commercial or creative-artistic matters. However, even if things go generally well in September 2012, you might experience a sensation of dissatisfaction or feel that you need a change, something new or different.

Venus in your house of money will take care of your financial comfort and can supply something extra, but it can also feel like spending on costly fantasies.

Cancer career & finances horoscope 2012 might provide context to your career & finance horoscope for September 2012 (the page opens in new window).

Health and Morale

The physical energy will abound in September 2012. You'll need to exercise, muscular consumption, air and changes of scenery.

The nervous activity will be very lively, generating mental force, curiosity and optimism, but leading to stress and irritability at the same time.

Behind all this, there'll still be weak immunity and higher predisposition to addictions.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in September 2012

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