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Pisces Horoscope September 2009

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September 2009 Horoscope Pisces: Love & Relationships

The maximum interest will be in relationships in September 2009. It seems you'll cut to the chase regarding an issue that has become bothering.

Much attention, though, at decisions: evaluate your risks objectively! With Mars in the house of sex and instincts, you seem to judge things through the eyes of passion and erotic instincts rather than reason and logic.

September 2009 Horoscope Pisces: Career & Finance

With Venus in the house of work, you could have an easy month. And even if you have much work to do, you'll do it with pleasure, and things will fall into place. Your tasks will require your imagination, aesthetic or artistic sense, maybe even the counseling or mediating skills.

The sour point will be collaborations and contracts, which will need diplomatic and careful approach.

You'll earn good money, but you might have problems with some payments left unmade or unfinished deals.

September 2009 Horoscope Pisces: Health & Morale

The high relational stress could cause a bigger or smaller psychological indisposition.

Physically, you'll be quite well. Mars will see that you have energy and dynamism, and if you give it a chance, it could support you in a more vigorous physical activity (sport, aerobics, trips, dancing, etc.).

eAstrolog’s Advice for Pisces in September 2009

Permanent prudence, especially if you were born after 10th March!

Mihaela Dicu

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