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Scorpio, March 2015

Scorpio Love: " Having reached the top, Scorpio's sexual energy will be blinded by the diffused veil of idealism. A witty remark here, a sweet look there - and you can end up falling in love before you even realize it ..."

Scorpio Career: " The Mars-Uranus tandem will release an incredible amount of energy that will not be easy to manage. It can bring emergencies, changes of situations, crises, conflicts and other incidents. But it is precisely these events that will eventually take you to success ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Scorpio, February 2015

Scorpio Love: "In the first two decans, under the powerful influence of the Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio's house of passion, you'll live life fully and you'll have sexual energy worthy of memorable adventures..."

Scorpio Career: "February 2015 foreshadows to be productive for Scorpios, but busy and stressful. It will be a dynamic month, rich in initiatives and challenges, especially in the last decan. February 2015 will stimulate novelty, changes, modernization and..."

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